Thursday, May 10, 2018

Livingston Depot

The Livingston Rail Depot is one of the finest such depots remaining in America, especially rural America. Few people take a close look at the fine touch architectural details that make this depot so majestic and memorable.  We visited this US 89 monument on May 8 and here are some close ups of the "finer points" of The Livingston Depot.

For a brief history of this Regionally Significant structure, see:

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gardiner, Montana

Gardiner, Montana, predates The famous Roosevelt Arch by at least 20 years.  But it's that Arch that has always defined Gardiner since 1903 when Teddy Roosevelt just happened to be camping in the vicinity to dedicate this magnificent masterpiece.
Here's the Long View of Gardiner, Montana.  Yes, it truly IS The Northern Gateway to Yellowstone National Park.  You can easily make a convincing case that Gardiner is THE FIRST and Mostest Gateway to Yellowstone.  It's an iconic Montana town in every way.
What put Gardiner on the map was the Northern Pacific Railroad (NPRR).  Once NPRR built a line to Gardiner and erected a Classic Depot, well, the rest was history.  The NPS back then felt chagrined & challenged that there was no "fitting & suitable" gateway to Yellowstone and that's how and why The Arch can into existence.
Gardiner is in an odd spot.  Technically, the NPS boundary is on the curb line in front of these old cars.  The NPS has cut it some slack over the years.  Old US 89 came onto NPS turf and turned right to go over and under The Arch.
This is The Arch when the "pay station" was just on the other side.  Countless millions of travelers on old US 89 went under The Arch to enter Yellowstone and pay their fee.
This old photo of Gardiner from the 1880's says it all  Rarely was any Old West community constrained by a dividing line.  Well, back in those days, if you messed with the boundary line between private property and Yellowstone National Park, the full force of the US Army would be IN YOUR FACE!

Old US 89 has the unique distinction of being THE PLACE to celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service on August 25, 2016.  As chance would have it, we obtained a press pass from "The Post-Register" of Idaho Falls and were there for the full event.  We took 100's of photos and have uploaded them online.  We will post the links soon.  (Montana Governor Steve Bullock is speaking in this picture.)